Biologics Bone Graft Substitute

Extrados CMF

Cranial Plating System

Cranial Plating System

System Features

  • The aggressive “Power Grip” self drilling screws purchase the bone readily for easy application by hand or power driver
  • The excellent retention of screw head to screwdriver blade makes for fast and reliable operation
  • Specially developed for neurosurgical fixation of cranial bone, the system has a “BASIC” configuration and “LOW PROFILE” configuration
  • The 0.4 mm “LOW PROFILE” plates allow fixation matched to the bone contour in cranial regions with low soft tissue coverage
  • The 0.4 mm “LOW PROFILE” creates a flat surface which is only minimally palpable and produces an excellent cosmetic result
  • The open design ensures optimal accessibility during cleaning and sterilization
  • The BPS (battery powered screwdriver) design combines a human engineered profile and high torque motor
  • The BPS has presterilized, single-use batteries to deliver the convenience of ready-to-use energy


Extrados Cranial Plating System
Made in the USA

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