ALIF Titanium Cage System


Lumbar Cage System


System Features

  • Screw Placement Up to 38° Cephalad on the Superior End & Up to 38° Caudal on the Inferior End
  • Manual, One-Step Active Locking Mechanism at Each Level with Visual, Tactile, & Audible Lock Verification
  • Modular Construct Allows 3 or 4 Screw Configuration for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) Procedures
  • Zero Profile Design Means No Implant Intrusion Anteriorly & Fits Completely Within the Disc Space
  • Simple Locking Plate for Secure Visual Lock Verification
  • Titanium Cage Screws Have Up to 10°, 12°, & 15° Medial/Lateral or Anterior/Posterior Angular Variation
  • PEEK Cage Screws Have Up to 12° Medial/Lateral or Anterior/Posterior Angular Variation
  • Titanium Cage Features “Neuro-Lock” Surface to Enhance Fusion
  • PEEK Cage Features Tantalum Markers Contributing to enhanced MRI & CT Scan Visualization Modulus of Elasticity
  • Large Graft Windows, & Sizable Internal Cage Volumes
  • Available in 7°, 12°, 20°, & 30° Lordotic Angles
  • Large Footprints & Endplate Friendly Design Does Not Damage Vertebral Endplate While Allowing Implant to Reside on the Apophyseal Ring, Yielding Increased Resistance Subsidence
Made in the USA

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