Biologics Bone Graft Substitute


Cervical Plating System


System Features

  • Screw Placement Up to 38° Cephalad on the Superior End & Up to 38° Caudal on the Inferior End
  • Manual, One-Step Active Locking Mechanism at Each Level with Visual, Tactile, & Audible Lock Verification
  • Large Graft Window Enables Graft & Anatomical Landmark Identification
  • Ultra-Thin Plate Designed for Decreased Anatomic Disruption & Increased Disc Space Visibility
  • Self-Drilling, Self-Tapping, Fixed, & Variable Angle Unified Screws
  • Adjustable Double Barrel Drill Guide & Innerbody Drill Guide Alignment Guides
  • Universal Instrument for Screw Insertion & Activating Locking Mechanism
Made in the USA

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